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Unknown Kimi Raikkonen

ISBN: 9781471177699
AUTOR: Hotakainen, Kari

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‘I loved it. I thought it was fascinating – really, really interesting story that he’s got to tell… I’ve known him for years and I learned an awful lot.’ Marc Priestley Kimi Raikkoenen is the Finnish superstar Formula One driver with a reputation for being fast on the track and silent off it – until now! In this superb and authorised portrait of Raikkoenen, Kari Hotakainen gets to reveal the side of the man that few beyond his close family and friends have ever seen. Enigmatic and private, Ferrari’s former world champion driver rarely opens up to outsiders, but he granted Hotakainen exclusive access to his world and to his way of thinking. It ensures that this will be a book that will delight all fans of motorsport, who have long revered the Finn. Including never-previously-seen photographs from his own collection, The Unknown Kimi Raikkoenen takes the reader into the heart of the action at grands prix around the world, behind the scenes as race strategies are planned, and opens up the private side of his life that he normally guards so carefully. With all the cult appeal of I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the raw excitement of Formula One and the insight of the best biographies, this is a book every sports fan will want to treasure.

...h racing driver Kimi Räikkönen by Kari Hotakainen ... The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen читать онлайн, Кари Хотакайнен ... . Its English translation was published on 18 October 2018 to high expectations, being a projected bestseller by Ian Marshall of Simon & Schuster. Читать онлайн «The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen». Автор Кари Хотакайнен. Kimi räikkönen's career 1988-2018. Bonus tracks. List of illustrations. The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen Неизвестный Кими Ряйккёнен. Год: 2018 Автор: Кари Хотакай ... The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen - Wikipedia ... . Год: 2018 Автор: Кари Хотакайнен Переводчики:...