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By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

ISBN: 9780722535202
AUTOR: Coelho, Paulo

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he story of an independent young woman whose life is changed forever by a chance encounter with a childhood friend. A magical blend of compelling action, exotic locations and intriguing characters, told with Paulo’s characteristic power and insight. Pilar is an independent and practical young woman who is feeling bored and frustrated by the daily grind of her university life. Looking for a deeper meaning to her existence, she happens to meet an old childhood friend, now a handsome, mesmerizing spiritual teacher – and a rumoured miracle worker. As he leads her on a magical journey through the Fench Pyrenees, Pilar begins to realize that this chance encounter is going to transform her life forever. With Paulo’s trademark blend of mysticism, magical realism and folklore, Pilar’s story is a poignant and deeply inspiring tale

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