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Close Up B2 WB (HR)

ISBN: 9781408095744

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Student’s Book with Online Student Zone With a new component array and strong digital support, the new edition of Close-up has been fully updated to be in line with the new First for Schools 2015 specifications. Close-up is still as interesting, topical and up to date as ever with spectacular National Geographic photography and facts that have been carefully selected to appeal to the inquisitive minds of young teenagers. The integrated ‘Exam Close-up’ feature now gives students and teachers step by step advice and strategies for how best to approach exam tasks so students have an opportunity to put the advice into practise on the page A new ‘Learning Focus’ feature introduces ‘learning to learn’ tips so students can see what they need to do themselves outside of the classroom to progress Students’ abilities to think, form, express and justify personal opinions are developed further in the ‘Ideas Focus’ sections, a core skill for success at First An all new Online Zone contains downloadable audio and video for students and teachers as well as additional material including interactive whiteboard material, tests and quizzes.

...aphic photography and facts carefully selected to appeal to the inquisitive minds of students ... PDF Key Answers Traveller Studentbook B2 ... . four. Fine 5. Hijacker 6. Showlifting B. 1. Sustained 2. Witnesses 3. Charged 4. Banning 5. Sentened C. 1. I was driving, I stopped, I was wearing it 2. It was, washed, had, went, went 3. I always have / was always getting 4. Normally it was, it went, up D. 1. Not me. t Use to wake up early until you start working. 2. In those days, they were working in a a went b 'd, finished c 'd been studying Vocabular ... Close Up B2 WB (HR) knjiga autora - VBZ online bookstore ... . 2. In those days, they were working in a a went b 'd, finished c 'd been studying Vocabulary p12 3 I'd go to work every Saturday. 4 I'd start d 'd, visited e 'd gone f 'd stayed up 1 at nine in the morning. 5 I didn't use to g knocked h didn't wake up i 'd been Suggested answers work late. 6 I didn't use to like my job so trying j drove k 'd forgotten l had Farmers: 1, 4, 6, 7, 11 I decided to leave. B2+ Workbook answer key Unit 1 Reading pp4-5 1a T B H A U C M K B N E Y E C K E T S E H H G E H O U L D E 5 2 had already started 3 has been running for 4 had been studying (for hours) 5 broke her arm while we were playing (football) 6 were about to go 1 always argues with/is always arguing with her sister, it's terrible. 1 D C S 2 2 Skateboarding didn't use to be my thing, but I'm really into it now! 3 Nothing will ever put me off dancing; I love it too much. 4 I don't like drama lessons, so I'm planning to give them up next term. 5 You'll never stop Sonya from watching TV; she's completely addicted to it. 6 If I were better at the guitar, I could join my friend's band. 3 2 She was dressed in a knee-length pink flowery dress. 3 He relaxed in comfortable baggy grey pants. 4 She wore a stunning short ... 1a Hey, Jude, I've signed up for saxophone lessons! I can't wait to start! b Well, good for you! 2a You look pleased! b Yes, they've just told me my short story has won a prize! I'm really excited about it! a Well done! You'll be famous before you know it! 3a Guess what ... Maddy's invited me to go sailing on her boat! I really like her, B2 3 1˜F 2˜T 3˜T 4 1˜C 2˜ B 3˜ 4˜while / when / as soon as 5˜four 6˜A burst out B screaming out C insecure D mixing with E amazingly LI...