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History of Surfing

ISBN: 9781423601210
AUTOR: Young, Nat

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The History of Surfing by world champion surfer Nat Young shares the history, stories, and inside expertise gathered in his years of deep involvement with the sport of surfing. The History of Surfing covers the full gamut, including the history, professionalism, surfboard evolution, professional surfers, the Hawaiian Islands, kneeboards, wave skills, windsurfers, and the future of surfing. Exclusive rare color photos covering surfing’s exciting past and present bring to life one of the most exciting and stunningly beautiful sports in the world. This book is the result of a lifetime of involvement with surfing and a deep interest in its history, and includes Nat’s discussions with the greats of the sport, from Duke Kahanmoku to contemporary stars like Kelly Slater and Lisa Anderson. Illustrating the book are rare reproductions of early Hawaiian and Australian surfing, along with the work of the world’s best surf photographers, including portraits of some of the remarkable figures that the sport has seen. understand the history of surfing, we've shared the key events that have developed Tom Blake Changing both surfing technique and surfboard design, Tom Blake is one of the most ... The History of Surfing - Surfing Now & Then - Sea-Lifts ... ... A Brief History of Surfing. From ancient Polynesians to the super-pros of today. Surfing is the granddaddy of all action sports, so old that no one really knows who first took to the sea on a board. 27.2 тыс. ответов. 392.2 млн пользователей, получивших помощь. A History of surfing The Surfing developed quite 23. RAPIDLY from then on, and the design of surfboar ... How it all Began and How it is Today - The History of Surfing ... . 392.2 млн пользователей, получивших помощь. A History of surfing The Surfing developed quite 23. RAPIDLY from then on, and the design of surfboards became more... Encyclopedia of Surfing is a nonprofit dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and occasionally goosing surf history and culture. The site is run by former SURFER Magazine editor Matt Warshaw. The History Of Surfing. 7,348 likes · 5 talking about this. The surfing museum of the future. Everything Surfing * Past, Present and Future. surfing. Wherever waves break, surfers will ride them. The concept is simple—a breaking wave, a Surfing History. Hamilton is a professional surfer, meaning she competes with other surfers for... The beginning of surfing - Hawaiian culture "Sometimes I see 20 to 30 men who lay themselves flat on a piece of wood, use their arms to control the direction they are heading and start paddling for a wave. ...chapters in the History of Surfing: Santa Barbara surfer, diver, wetsuit designer (arguably just as I did a post about that in History of Surfing. He'd later devote himself to the scuba business and sell......