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Reflexology for Women

ISBN: 9781856752282
AUTOR: Gillanders, Ann

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Reflexology is one of the most popular alternative health therapies around today and you can treat every aspect of your life with this gentle, healing therapy, no matter what your age. The book is divided into four sections according to age. The second chapter deals with problems such as stress, pre-menstrual tension and migraines, which effect women of any age. Chapter 3 is aimed at younger women and includes advice for treating period pains and acne while chapter 6 teaches you to use reflexology later in life for relief from joint pains, arthritis and angina. The middle chapters explore how reflexology can be used before you conceive and during pregnancy.

...r reflexology... Chinese Medicine and Western Reflexology Practice for Better Health and Healing Dougans|Inge ... Reflexology Massage During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? ... ... Although reflexology therapy has for a long time been viewed with skepticism, just like many other ... The doctors who labour in Reflexology For Women specialize in looking after women's health. The main goal of this clinic work is to preclude the development of gynecological illnesses. Reflexology for Breast Cancer. The connection between points on the feet and the major organs is real and th ... Relexology Room London | Reflexology for Women's Health ... . Reflexology for Breast Cancer. The connection between points on the feet and the major organs is real and this knowledge has long been used by Chinese medicine practitioners. Benefits of reflexology include its ability to increase energy, prevent migraines, clean up UTI, speed recovery after injury, reduce depression, and relieve pain. Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. Sexual reflexology is a Taoist principle associating organs and their related emotions to parts of our Sexual Reflexology: Woman's G-Spot. The area related to the liver and the emotion anger inside the... Reflexology is based on the principle that every organ and working system within the body has a The reflexologist will not diagnose illness as such, but is able to detect weaknesses within the body. More than just a foot massage, reflexology claims to help you relax and some believe it can even trigger labour towards your due date. But is it safe in... Interventions: Foot reflexology was applied once to the pregnant women in the experimental group when cervical dilation was 3-4 cm. The treatment was applied to the right foot and left foot reflex... All of your questions about reflexology answered: What is reflexology? What are the benefits? What exactly is reflexology? What are the benefits? And is it just another word for a foot massage? Women were randomised to receive nine sessions of either reflexology or nonspecific foot massage (control) by four qualified reflexologists given over a period of 19 weeks. Reflexology For Women book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Th...