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Olympics: Athens to Athens 1896-2004

ISBN: 0297843826
AUTOR: Rogge, Jacque M.

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Come the summer 2004, audiences around the world will tune in to watch the most thrilling sports competition of all. Celebrate the momentous Athens homecoming of the Olympic summer games with this definitive, official, and breathtakingly illustrated history.

... for The Olympics: Athens to Athens 1896-2004 ... Athens Olympic Venues - The Abandoned Legacy of the 2004 ... ... . The first Modern Olympic Games took place in Athens, Greece in 1896 to honor the legacy the Ancient Greeks started. To commemorate the one hundred year anniversary, Athens tried to win the bid for 1996 but failed. They bid again and the city finally achieved its goal when they won the bid to host the 2004 Summer Olympics. Organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which had been created by French aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin, it was held in Athens, Greece, from 6 to 15 April 1896. Fourteen nations (according to the IOC, tho ... Olympics: Athens to Athens 1896-2004 knjiga autora Rogge ... ... . Fourteen nations (according to the IOC, though the number is subject to interpretation) and 241 athletes (all males; this number is also disputed) took part in the games. Welcome to our 2004 Olympics Athens collection, where you can find the official 2004 Olympics memorabilia. In 2004 the Games returned to the Greek capital, 108 years after the first modern Games of 1896! The Store 1896 is the only certified retailer licensed to use the Olympic Rings symbol. The Archery competition of the 2004 Olympic Games took ... Its rich history is directly connected to the Modern Olympic Games as from their revival in 1896 until the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. It is also the place from where the Olympic flame sets up its journey to the cities of the Olympic Games, both Winter, Summer and Youth: Tokyo 2020, Pyeongchang 2018, Rio 2016, Sochi 2014, London 2012, Vancouver 2010, Beijing 2008, Turin 2006, Athens 2004. The first president was D. Vikelas. After the first modern Olympic games in Athens, the presidency was assumed by Pierre de Coubertin, who organized the Olympic Games of 1900 in Paris. He remained in this position until 1924. Since 1915, the headquarters of the Committee are in Lausanne, Switzerland. Celebrating the Olympics' return to Athens, this colorful and detailed volume--created by the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, France, in partnership with the International Olympic Committee and ...