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Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training, The

ISBN: 9781931382700
AUTOR: Taylor, Jim

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Triathlon is certainly physically demanding, to say the least, but most triathletes would agree that it is the mental aspect that can determine whether or not they achieve their competitive goals. Resources addressing this key aspect have been hard to come by — until now. In “The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training, the authors — both accomplished sport psychologists and Ironman triathletes — offer readers in-depth, practical information and skills they can use to build mental muscle. Readers learn first how to assess their psychological strengths and weaknesses, and then discover the six mental factors that most affect triathlon performance. The book includes essential tools for training and competition, such as routines, mental imagery, and tips on getting organized and setting goals, and also explores what it takes to be an Ironman, the unhealthy side of triathlon, and valuable lessons to be learned from the world’s best triathletes.

...his proven triathlon training program has helped hundreds of thousands find success in the sport of triathlon ... Mental Training for Triathletes - Issue #100 ... . ally, LD triathletes undertake large volumes of endurance training. with the objective of improving economy; however, particularly in. high-level athletes, improvements in cycling economy (CE) and. running economy (RE) may be difficult to induce via endurance. training alone. "Triathletes train an average of seven months for the Ford Ironman World Championship. The average hours per week devoted to training for the World So what kind of Ironman triathlon training str ... Mental Training for Triathletes - TriDot ... . The average hours per week devoted to training for the World So what kind of Ironman triathlon training strategies are guys like Sami and I doing to avoid (or at least mitigate) the heart damaging effects of... How about picking up "The triathletes Guide to Mental Training" by Jim Taylor and Terri Schneider or "The seven habits of highly effective people" by Covey. You are reading Triathlon Training Blog: my journey from couch potato to triathlete! Are you thinking you'd like to get started in the sport of... The Triathlete's Training Bible equips triathletes of all abilities with every detail they must consider when planning a season, lining up a week of workouts, or preparing for race day. With this new edition, Joe will guide you to develop your own personalized triathlon training program and Triathlon und sein Training kommen dem natürlichen Bewegungsbedürfnis entgegen und können von vielen Altersgruppen mit vergleichsweise geringem materiellen Aufwand ausgeübt Sportwelt Verlag, Betzenstein 2007, ISBN 978-3-9811428-0-8 (englisch: The triathlete's guide to mental training . And how, with just knowing how and when to train the specifics, can you organize your training periodization so it will not affect you as much? Here is a guide to how your period works on your body and how you can modulate your training for best results...