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Mason Jar Sewing Kit

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...And with the holidays coming up we're starting to think about DIY upcycled gifts ... Kikkerland CD513 Mason Jar Sewing Kit ... . This mason jar sewing kit is funky and functional. It's also surprisingly easy to make. With its built-in pincushion top it's sure to impress any sewing fan. Mason jar crafts and projects have been a craze for a long time now. They're easy to find and are quite affordable. You can find them at your local craft store or use old You'll just need a couple of supplies, some wood, the bees, and your mason jars, to get started! 9. Make A Mason Jar Sewing Kit. Bernardin jars can be used for fun things besides ... DIY: Mason Jar Sewing Kit | Free People Blog ... . Make A Mason Jar Sewing Kit. Bernardin jars can be used for fun things besides canning this time of the year. We can use these jars to make wonderful homemade gift that we can give to our family and friends. I thought "outside the jar" for the holiday season and made this Mason Jar Sewing Kit. My trusty Mason jar sewing kit has been one of my secret money saving tools for years. Sure, I've pocketed a few extra bucks negotiating discounts on blemished clothing, but my simple sewing skills have mostly helped me mend the quality gear I already own. Extending the life of your loved clothing... This DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit comes together relatively quickly. I use a quart-sized mason jar simply because I needed to store a pair of scissors. Please tell me I'm not the only one who spends more time collecting things for a project that actually doing them?!? What you are really creating here is the lid. Hello Lovelies! I needed a sewing kit to bring to school with me, and was super inspired by the Anthropologie Mason Jar Sewing Kit which was unfortunately over-priced (at like 40 dollars) and out of stock. I have seen a great variety of mason jar pin cushions and sewing kits around Pinterest and the web. I thought I would pull together 15 different ideas for you to make your own. These would all make great gifts for moms, grandmas, teachers, college students, co-workers, or anyone! Mason jars are great for storage. After all, this is why they were designed for. Storing spices in these jars is now a very cool thing among DIY lovers and Don't know where to keep your needles and other sewing tools? How about a Mason jar? You can add a pin cushion to the top of the lid and keep... Stylishly painted mason jars with hand painted small daisies in yellow and white. 12. Mason Jar Mini Sewing Kit. You can use an empty mason jar it is easy to make a really charming pin cushion with storage underneath for a few sewing essentials. Another great use for a little mason jar: make a small sewing kit. A perfectly thoughtful gift for a sister/friend/daughter headed to college. Tuck it in their suitcase with a sweet note and simple sewing instructions. You still have time to whip up a mason jar sewing kit or Sewing Preserves as I like to call it. This is a perfect, portable sewing kit that anyone could use. Do you hand-sew your bindings on the back of your quilt? This could be your go-to jar! There is room to put your favorite hand-sewing tools inside... Mason jar sewing kit. Some of you may not know this, but I have a fascination with jars! Ha! We use jars in our pantry to keep most of our bulk ingredients in (pantry pics coming in a future post) and jars in the laundry room for sponges and washcloths and things like that, and of course I've been... So let's make a mason jar sewing kit. Now stuff the jar chock full of pretty sewing goodies and keep it for yourself or give it to your favorite seamstress. These would be amazing as favors at a shower or party, or sweet as a gift to a crafty bride-to-be! xoxo. DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit. Have any of you guys seen this on Pinterest? I saw it a few months ago and I thought that it was such a clever idea for I had a bigger mason jar so I decided to fill it up with some fabric however, you can easily do this with a smaller mason jar and just put the basic sewing......