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English File Upper-Inter WB 3rd Ed

ISBN: 9780194558501

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A new edition of the best-selling English File, improved throughout with brand new digital components to use inside and outside the classroom. English File Third edition – the best way to get your students talking. The English File concept remains the same – fun, enjoyable lessons which get students talking through the right mix of language, motivation, and opportunity – but now the content and the components have been updated and improved for students and teachers. The English File third edition digital components help to make the most of teaching and learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom.

...Book & Workbook & DVD-ROM [2013, PDF, ENG] ... ... . New English File Upper-Intermediate Скачать (Student's Book, Workbook, Teacher's Book, Audio CD, Tests, Keys). Revise & Check section for each File. WB Key and Entry Checker PDF 9,51 Mb. English File 4th Edition Upper Intermediate WB. English File; Upper-Intermediate Workbook With Key, 3Rd Revised Edition, 0194558509, 2014, By Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden. 1. English File Third Edition Pre-interm ... English File. Upper-Intermediate. Students' book. Workbook. ... . 1. English File Third Edition Pre-intermediate Workbook answer key Oxford University Press 1 thirdedition Christina Latham-Koenig Clive Oxenden Paul Seligson with Jane Hudson ENGLISH FILEPre-intermediate Workbook Key Booklet 2. C The English File questionnaire. ~ ANO CHECK 11&12. present perfect present perfect or past the boa rd. 5 Please turll ___ Your mobile phone. b Comp lete the phrases w ith these ve rbs. b Inter viewoneoftheBs. Wriredow l1 h is ! he r answe rs inlhe fo rm . (YOUI' partne r interviews the other 8.) Unit 2 C — New English File Upper-Intermediate (WB). 1:57. Загрузка файла - English File 3rd - Pre-intermediate WB.pdf. Oxford Online Practice is an online course component for English Language Teaching coursebooks from Oxford University Press. Войти. New English File Upper-Intermediate (WB) — Unit 2 C 01:57. New English File (Upper-Intermediate Student's Book) — 3.1 03:20....