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Dream Destinations TeNeues A&I Family Planner 2018

ISBN: 4002725955814

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Dream Destination family planner 2018 with five columns Format: 19.5 x 45 cm Spiral binding 5 languages: GB, DE, FR, ES, IT Calendar grind includes lunar phases The Art & Image Dream Destination family planner is perfect for your whole family, with 5 columns for recording key events and activities. Twelve stunning photographs will take you on a journey all over the world, beautiful sandy shores and sunsets will invite you to dream and linger. Just leave your day-to-day stress behind! With a format of 19.5 x 45 cm the calendar will fit perfectly on every wall. With columns for up to five family members, there is plenty of room for noting all those important dates and events! A 5-language grid noting International Public Holidays. The calendar has a spiral binding so the calendar can simply attach to the wall and pages can be turned with ease. This beautiful family planner is perfect for those that love to make a journey across the world and is also a perfect gift idea for family, friends or your acquaintances.

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