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Les Miserables Vol 1

ISBN: 9781853260858
AUTOR: Hugo, Victor

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With an Introduction and Notes by Roger Clark, University of Kent at Canterbury. Translation by Charles E. Wilbour (1862). One of the great classics of western literature, Les Miserables is a magisterial work which is rich in both character portrayal and meticulous historical description. Characters such as the absurdly criminalised Valjean, the street urchin Gavroche, the rascal Thenardier, the implacable detective Javert, and the pitiful figure of the prostitute Fantine and her daughter Cosette, have entered the pantheon of literary dramatis personae. The reader is also treated to the unforgettable descriptions of the Battle of Waterloo and Valjean’s flight through the Paris sewers. Volume 1 of 2 in this novel, in a voice It's not easy to put Les Misérables in a nutshell, considering that it's one of the longest novels ever written ... Les Misérables, Vol. 1 - YouTube ... . But hey! That's our job, so here goes: the novel is about... Excerpt from Les Miserables, Vol. 1 of 5. Les Miserables was written by Victor Hugo in 1887. This is a 343 page book, containing 100484 words and 143 Search Inside is enabled for this title. About the Publisher. Forgotten Обо всём этом и не только в книге Les Miserables, Vol. 1 of 5 (Classic... Upgrade to remove adverts. On ... Les Misérables Victor Hugo.. | Книги на французском для... ... . Forgotten Обо всём этом и не только в книге Les Miserables, Vol. 1 of 5 (Classic... Upgrade to remove adverts. Only RUB 193.34/month. Les Miserables, Vol. 1 (Article), Word Tales. Название: Les Misérables Tome I - Fantine. Жанр: Классическая проза. Аннотация: Oeuvre immense, joyau du patrimoine littéraire national, riche en figures assimilées par notre imaginaire ou notre langue, c'est roman touffu mais d'une lecture aisée, populaire mais déroutant, qu'il faut avoir......