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ISBN: 9781853261756
AUTOR: Dostojevski, Fjodor Mihajlović

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Translated by Constance Garnett, with an Introduction and Notes by Agnes Cardinal, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. Prince Myshkin returns to Russia from an asylum in Switzerland. As he becomes embroiled in the frantic amatory and financial intrigues which centre around a cast of brilliantly realised characters and which ultimately lead to tragedy, he emerges as a unique combination of the Christian ideal of perfection and Dostoevsky’s own views, afflictions and manners. His serene selflessness is contrasted with the worldly qualities of every other character in the novel. Dostoevsky supplies a harsh indictment of the Russian ruling class of his day who have created a world which cannot accomodate the goodness of this idiot. 1. idiot synonym for our nations current president George W ... 7 секретов «Идиота» • Arzamas ... . Bush is a complete idiot . i d i o t I have legally created a petition for 'idiot' to be registered as an official, distinct homosapien species... idiot (n.) early 14c., "person so mentally deficient as to be incapable of ordinary reasoning;" also in Middle English "simple man, uneducated person, layman" (late 14c.), from Old French idiote... How to use idiot in a sentence. Idiot Has Greek Roots Usage ... Idiot - Wikipedia ... ... How to use idiot in a sentence. Idiot Has Greek Roots Usage of Idiot: Usage Guide. plural idiots. Definition of idiot. 1 : a foolish or stupid person "… Idiot that I am to wear my heart on my sleeve! …" idiot definition: 1. a stupid person or someone who is behaving in a stupid way: 2. a stupid person or someone who…. Learn more. Define idiot. idiot synonyms, idiot pronunciation, idiot translation, English dictionary definition of idiot. n. 1. A person who is considered foolish or stupid. 2. A person with profound intellectual disability... The Idiot (Идиот) is a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, originally published serially between 1868 and 1869. Prince Lev Nikolayevich Myshkin returns to St. Petersburg after a several-year stay at a Swiss... Американская клеенка на трупе Настасьи Филипповны, доктор Б-н и други...