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Notes From Unerground, Wordsworth Classic

ISBN: 9781840225778
AUTOR: Dostojevski, Fjodor Mihajlović

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With an Introduction and Notes by David Rampton, Department of English, University of Ottowa. Notes from Underground and Other Stories is a comprehensive collection of Dostoevsky’s short fiction. Many of these stories, like his great novels, reveal his special sympathy for the solitary and dispossessed, explore the same complex psychological issues and subtly combine rich characterization and philosophical meditations on the (often) dark areas of the human psyche, all conveyed in an idiosyncratic blend of deadly seriousness and wild humour. In Notes from Underground, the Underground Man casually dismantles utilitarianism and celebrates in its stead a perverse but vibrant masochism. A Christmas Tree and a Wedding recounts the successful pursuit of a young girl by a lecherous old man. In Bobok, one Ivan Ivanovitch listens in on corpses gossiping in a cemetery and ends up deploring their depravity. In A Gentle Spirit, the narrator describes his dawning recognition that he is responsible for his wife’s suicide. In short, as a commentator on spiritual stagnation, Dostoevsky has no equal. From the Underground: Biography: Fyodor Dostoevsky ... Notes from Underground & Other Stories (Wordsworth Classics)... ... . Notes from Underground: Directed by Gary Walkow. Adapted from Dostoevsky's novella, Henry Czerny plays the narrator, Underground Man. Filled with self-hatred, he keeps a video diary where he discusses his own shortcomings and what he thinks is wrong in contemporary society. The "underground" of the mind is the treacherous terrain into which Dostoevsky here delves deep, exposing its most buried fears and desires. What makes a book a classic? DBC Pierre explores ho ... Книга: Dostoevsky Fyodor. Notes from Underground&Other Stories ... . What makes a book a classic? DBC Pierre explores how, in capturing the "curious machinations of the mind", Dostoevsky (an author "as sensitive as a... For nearly 20 years, Wordsworth Classics has partnered with Wordsworth Editions as the sole distributor for their line of classic books in North America. The vision for Wordsworth began over twenty-five years ago in England when they decided to create a line of great literature, available at a......